Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian "Likes" my Waffle Mix!  
     Today is Sunday & while I was doing a demo in Portland, Oregon I got a call from my daughter Amy who was at her VERY POPULAR restaurant in Santa Barbara called Tupelo Junction - when one of her staff came running up to her to say that she just got an Instagram message showing the above post!
     Amy called me right away screaming how excited she was & a few hours later there were over 
500,000 likes!  REALLY?  I couldn't believe it . . .I'm still trying to find out which store she bought it from . . .Whole Foods or Gelsons?  Does anyone know?  I am amazed at the power of Celebrity & Instagram.  I have been bombarded with NEW ORDERS on my website . . .We have most certainly set new records this week!
     THANK YOU KOURTNEY so very much . . .
Lots of Love & best wishes from the Waffle Lady-:)